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Website Under 3500

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Website under 3500

“Website under 3500 rupees” have often been the budget our potential customer comes up with. And in this budget they need all the facilities saying that our competitor firms provide all such things. While we say that it is impossible you think that we are wrong, and we think that our competitors like us are also providing high quality website with on time delivery. And there we lose some of our customer base because we couldn’t clear their doubts. This blog here is to burst the myth of creating website under 3500 rupees or cheap websites. And we will do so through stating some disadvantages of partnering with such web developers. 

Web Design

From the very start, we work hard to create a website suitable to our client’s needs. Web developers offering websites under 3500 rupees work on few set templates. They gives you websites by filling those templates. We, on the other hand, create a unique design and give our customers a unique identity on the vast ocean of internet. 

Languages Used

At first, we will talk about the developing software and language they use for making a website. Language used by such developers are often html, and work done in WordPress. While WordPress isn’t that bad in itself, it is very simple to create a website on it, and the security issues and risks, are very high. If it is an E- commerce site, or some portal with payment options risks are way too high to ignore such matter. While such languages take couple of days to develop any site, the site does not look as attractive and isn’t as secure as a site with a payment portal should be.

While we work on Angular, React, Python and Django software which is harder in terms of developing. These also are much secure and highly responsive. Sites created by such software are highly optimised and are created from scratch and thus require more highly skilled manpower. 

Hidden costs

When such web developers make your website at low cost, they never mention the hidden costs they will ask you to pay after the project has started. This costs come in the name of Annual Maintenance Checkup, Cloud Storage Space, domain name, hosting services and other such services. Often, these costs are eluded from clients and then information is shared with clients when it is time to handle site to them. We have many clients coming to us with this problem. They have a live site but not the access to it. 

On- time delivery

On time delivery is often a problem for freelance web developers who work on such a low budget. While they do not care about such problems and try to stretch the delivery period, we have a face to cover. So, we deliver our projects on time with no excuses whatsoever. We are aware of the importance of your time, so we try not to waste it on tensions such as this.

Inconsistent Work

Such web developer firms are not to be trusted. As it is very easy for them to throw your work at one corner if they get some other work which is more profitable. They do not worry about commitment being made. We have a lot of clients being duped as they had paid such web developers in advance and in return they got nothing. 

Customer Support

When we make a website for our client, we essentially become a partner of them, and thus, we have a good bond with them. Why is this good? Because in this dynamic world there is constant change and client would like to see that change on their website. While our contact lines are open for customers 24*7, the same is not with the web developers offering website at 3500. We can change somethings if you don’t like it on your site, but we cannot give guarantee of other web developers.

Thus, their comes a vast difference in the services provided by us in comparison to those web developers offering sites at rupees 3500. I mean of course the diamond to bought in 100 rupees is bound to be fake and loot scheme! So, why don’t you contact us to get to know how you can change your way of business, without being looted by anyone.

by Soham Jain


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