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Creating a website, application or a software is a hard and hectic work and it is not something everyone can do. Here are some web development strategies which could be helpful for when you start your journey to “Be Online to grow Worldwide”

Creating a team

Web development requires a vast variety of skills and thus a good compatible team is necessary. Web development involves coding, web designing, content writing, marketing and analysing and thus require a significant amount of time and talent.
We at Iraitech employ such talents to complete our clients’ wishes and help them achieve their goals.

Analysing the market

After your idea one must realise the potential of that idea on the market and see that which section is their target market. It can make all the difference as the future process depends on this intricately, as with this report a content writer will know what to write and web designer team will know how to design the website.

Web Design

Unlike past years, internet surfing isn’t a thing which happens only in desktops. Today, there are different kinds of devices in which people visit websites, thus a good Web Design is a key to the web development, as a site won’t be attractive and appreciated by visitors if its Web design is bland. Thus a site should be accessible through any device such as mobiles, tablets and/or desktops. Hence, web design functions like a human body which is seen and interacted by everyone and controlled by codes and languages, which functions like brain and heart.
And our team, at Iraitech, ensures that we design the website as per the requirements of our clients, giving them a variety of options without compromising any information or purpose of the website.


It uses coding language of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other programming languages to bring to life the design files and one must must have proper qualifications and experience to understand the web and build on it.
This is exactly where our team of experts thrive. Be it web design, coding or content development, we ensure that all the services provided are custom based as per our clients’ needs. We also focuses on providing the best and most suitable website for our clients ensuring that it is user friendly, smooth and one of its kind.

Developing a prototype

An app or website must have a property which will catch its visitor in a glance. Today people remove websites/apps within a second if they do not get what they desire. This means that even if website functions smoothly and have good features it won’t be effective if it isn’t displayed out to the visitors. Hence, a user friendly and interactive website is much more effective.
Thus, developing a prototype becomes important as it helps the company in testing their work and to check whether or not all the functions are working properly.


Today, nothing and no one gets successful without a good marketing and thus it becomes important to realise that a good product isn’t bound to be successful without marketing. A good marketing strategy to ensure that people know about the product is very important. Thus digital marketing has become an integral part of Web Development.

Customer Support

In corporate sector customer support services means everything. It is important to hold on to the customers and to solve their problems.
At Iraitech, we provide Chatbots to our clients so that they can hold to their customers.

Technical Support

The network solutions companies’ work does not finish with the end of making a website. Support that begins with the project is ever-continued even after the delivery of the project, be it implementation or any enhancement through updates later.

We at Iraitech provide everlasting support to our clients, thus helping them with their technology and making them up to date with the increasing innovations in technology.


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