digital marketing multi tasking

With the rise in fashion of SEO writing, Digital Marketing has become a challenging and a tough market. There are new entries each week and each week someone leaves the market for good. Here are some problems faced by Digital Marketing startups in the sector:

Understanding of the market

The first thing which a new entrant in digital marketing should do is understand the market and keep a close on your competitors. Unlike many other industries, in digital marketing a single firm can tremendously change the market. New entrants should also do the mapping of the Target Audience and understand the Buyer’s Persona, otherwise it is better not to go into Digital Marketing business.


Digital Marketing is a dynamic and ever changing sector as it heavily depends on the trends. This continuous changing trends leads to specific questions as who to follow and which trend to go after. Any delay and you miss your clients for being obsolete. Thus, digital marketing agency always needs to be on their toes, which new entrants fail to realise sooner.

Communicating the ideas

Sometimes due to negligence of the client, agency cannot communicate their ideas to them on time. This often leads to trouble for agencies, as by the time they get a chance to show their ideas, it already becomes obsolete, as it’s trend overs. And then clients blames the agency for that.

Wrong Quotes

Usually when a client approaches the agency they expect them to quote within half an hour or so. This pressure along with the pressure of having 10 more competition market who can snatch this work/company, results in making a quote far too less. Thus, later these agencies have to work hard for the low cost.

Cash Flow

This is something startup of every industry suffers from. Cash Flow in Digital Marketing is always a trouble even for the established firms. Clients make it hard to give payments and it often adds another workload on the agency. Since, new firms already suffers from such problems, denial/postponement of such amount often discourages the startups resulting in their departure from the industries.

Talent Search

Even though many people are aware of the SEO writing, not all of those know how to write like that. It requires a certain skills and agencies often ends up hiring someone who does not know how to optimize their writing. Many a times agency end up having with someone who thinks that digital marketing is limited to ‘Sharing posts on Social Networking sites”.

Here are some of the problems faced by the new entrants in Digital Marketing Sector. But these aren’t here to demotivate the new entrants but to warn them and prevent them from doing such mistakes.



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