Google Adwords

Have you ever noticed the google ads displayed on your searches? Of course, you have noticed! In fact many of us have even clicked on it accidentally and ended up finding something great from those websites. What are those websites doing different from others? How do they get there on the top of the google search? Today, my blogs is for those who do not know what google ads are and how it can transform your small local business into a big corporation. If you are already aware, then read further to know how you can maximize the use of it.

The ads you see at google search are done through their service known as Google Adwords. They are paid advertisements, which allows the users to decide their budget which they want to spend and also the audience they want to reach. Here is the guide for you to customize Google Adwords as you  desire. So, let me start with the basics which you will have to cover up to start your ad campaign:


It is something you should know about. A business can never become great if the businessman do not know who will avail his services. So finding your Target Audience is a much necessary and initial task. It will make your ad more reachable to them and will gain much more positive response. This will also help you in cutting unnecessary costs as people who you do not want to target will not see it. 
Another factor in this is the region you select for your ad campaign. A local vendor, if do not have any means of transporting his/her goods, won’t want to pay for the ad which will be seen by the whole country. Through adwords you can select the areas in which you want your ad and through that you can minimize your budget.


Not every google ads are bound to be clicked by the users, it requires a catchy one liner and heading to lure them to your website. Your description to be displayed should have details about your product and how it is ‘profitable’ for customers. The word ‘profitable’ here does not necessarily mean that you will have to cut your prices. “Profitable’ could be many ways in which customer can be beneficial in the transaction. It could either be Quality services or timely deliverance or less costly or discounts and many more ways. You have to make sure that the heading and description together influence the user to open your website.


Now, you are ready to set your budget for the campaign. Google offers a vast range for you to select from. You can start from as minimal as 32.90 rupees average per day; i.e. Rs. 1000 per month and go up to Rs. 3585.53 average per day summing to Rs. 1,09,000 per month. This change in cost results in the potential “clicks” and “impressions” you will get in the time period of your campaign.
“Impressions” are the potential number of views your ad gets. It refers to the total number of people who will see your ad.
“Clicks” are the potential number of people who will click your ad through Google Search. You always pay by the number of clicks you get. You can change your budget or pause your ad campaign anytime, if you feel like ad campaign is not working for you.
How will you know whether your campaign is working for you or not? Google offers various tools and services to ease your efforts. Through the help of Google Analytics one can know the number of visitors you have on your sites and from what region they are from. How to use Google Analytics? Let’s leave that for some other blog.;)

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