About Us

IRAITECH Innovations and Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has ventured as an upcoming software company. Here, a team of passionate engineers are motivated and committed to synthesize innovation and technology to explore incredible web solutions. We are progressing steadily with the determination to excel in the vast field of IT Industry. Our wide range of services include web/software development, mobile application development and network solution services such as network design, deployment, optimization and management. We provide you the technology which is fit for you and bring your digital ideas to life. We support our clients from conception to completion and later on.

Technology has made our lives really convenient and fast pacing. Every new innovation further advances technology and takes it to the next level. The IRAITECH team is also driven by the fact that innovation and technology together can bring about a great change in the way we learn and live. Eventually, the synthesis of innovation and technology paves the way to lead.

While valuing the need of the hour, we are offering services which are highly in demand and can be categorised as the indispensable part of our lives now.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality solutions in order to promote clients’ business growth through innovative design and modern flexible process. Our team has years of development experience with design, business analysis, project management and customized database development. Through this, we support our clients to generate their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Vision

The vision that an organization has, actually leads it to achieve milestones in future. Our vision towards our working is to make it streamlined and beneficial for every client who gets associated with us. Our vision also includes providing the customized solutions perfectly blended with technology and innovation. Our sincere endeavor to every project is to turn it into a fruitful proposition for its business growth. Your business, whether a start up, small or an established one, means a lot to us if you have approached us for our services. Regardless the size of our clients’ business, we value their money and time, and therefore, we are completely with them in this investment and thus, we startegise to reap results through our working.

Why Us

There isn’t any one but plentiful of reasons to make a selection in our favor and the reasons are:

  • We believe in establishing long term relationships through concise communications with our clients.
  • We consider our clients projects as ours because this is how we connect with their thought process.
  • Our working is streamlined and therefore, we love to take responsibility for what we develop.
  • We are experienced in all common programming languages such as Java, PHP, .NET, Python, html5, and cloud technology.
  • We are responsive to our each & every client’s new requirements.
  • Our vital engagement & constant updates from our end help clients relax of the progress being taken towards their projects.
  • We are known for the timely delivery of the project.
  • Our incredible technical team with endless dedication helps our clients achieve milestones in the long run while experiencing success.
  • We don’t rest once the project is delivered, we further get indulged in the proper implementation and enhancement as well.
  • We play a vital role in defining our clients’ business strategy. We know, we need to shoulder the responsibility and we remain so throughout.
  • We employ technology to guarantee our clients’ business growth and therefore, we claim to have ace solutions for them.
  • We claim to be resourceful in terms of the experience and expertise.
  • Our motto is to help our clients achieve the goals targeted by them.
  • We not only assure, but we are indeed dedicated to each of our clients.
  • Since we are proactive, hence we claim to be dependable.
  • We take pleasure in every challenge and that is how we grow with every achievement.
  • We have apt solutions for our clients’ business.
  • Our unique approach is to understand what our client’s business needs as that actually helps us achieve what indeed is going to reap results for our clients.
  • We cater to the customised needs of our client’s business to help it grow because if we grow when you grow.
  • We serve leading corporations in myriad industries, including retail, finance, insurance, telecommunications, advertising, and public utilities.

Our Approach

IRAITECH approach is to take your project and break it down into modules to quickly decide on to your requirements. We will build a quote, and a project plan after that you are satisfied with our plan. We propose website structure, information design and artistic/graphical design to match our client’s needs and goals, and can also offer a consistent service for the development and operation of websites after the design phase is completed. We commit to deliver best value at a reasonable cost, with our state-of-the-art technique, serving customers with best software solutions.

Our software Development Process

The first step in software development is analysis. Our team starts by researching the kind of business your doing, looking up to your industry including the specific needs to achieve your expectations. This way, we establish the perfect software model for you, that has a tried-and-tested efficiency as per your business.

After that the analysis done, the crucial phase comes in the game, where the software is designed. In this Phase, the software is put together to match your requirements. It’s the major part as the software is the heart of the whole development Process.

After that the design is ready, coders start playing with the codes as coding is the next step. While coding, Internet programming languages are put into the equation. It is the major technical phase but is we are soughed and know what is to be done next. This where Java codes and PHP are created.

Trial period this is the fourth step that comes into the picture after the development process is done, this is where we ask our team member and you to acknowledge the project in order to look if we have scaled as per your requirements or not.

After testing, we are all set to run your project. The work continues until you are satisfied with the end result.